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Starting a Career in Data Science

Starting a Career in Data Science Reading research papers – Majors in mathematics, statistics, and D-S are very science oriented. So it is no challenge for them to read, understand and apply the scientific methods in that paper. But these of course don’t come to a graduate of the C-S. That said, being able to apply paper concepts… Read More »

What is Data Science ?

data science courses Looking for the right ways to turn to data science? Well, those degrees will give you a huge advantage. And definitely a degree at C-S qualifies you for this satisfying and demanding career. Welcome to this 3-6-5 series of videos on data science where we will explore how to get into data science. We’re going… Read More »

Python for data science

Starting a Career in Data Science If you’re trying to make a move straight out of college, you may want to go for an in-field position. Incidentally, we have a special video on that one! When it comes to training, understanding the statistical findings and their consequences is one of the main components. Luckily, degrees of economists are… Read More »

data science certification

Starting a Career in Data Science But don’t care if you don’t feel that you’re cut out as a leader yet– as long as you have empathy, integrity, and the desire to listen to the needs and concerns of your team, you can grow to be an amazing lead data scientist. Only perfect! We mentioned in this video… Read More »

How to Start Data Science Work

Starting a Career in Data Science Economics also interconnects with economics, accounting, psychology, and politics. Hence the methodology of an economist is often supposed to be interdisciplinary. In the end, an economist’s technological capabilities are also very impressive. An typical economist understands Machine Learning well, without ever referring to it as such. In almost all Degrees of Economics,… Read More »